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No stats from Thursday 6/4/15

Hi @admin,
any news on the 0 cases processed since Thursday 6/4/15? A glitch or something else



  • i had the same concern. No stats for the past few days. Hope its a system glitch
  • icert website does not show any certified PERM applications past June 3rd. I don't think it is a glitch. Something else is going on. I have a feeling it is related to recent hack on Government employee accounts
  • either data hasnt bene posted or PERMs havent been evaluated due to H4 EAD
  • H4 EAD applications are processed in California or Vermont. All the PERMs are processed in Atlanta. I do not think that is the issue.
  • H4 EAD is definitely causing the issues and because of that number of perm processed
    from last week of may has gone down from 300-440 per day to 100-200 per day.
  • There is no data in the data source (iCert official site). H4 EAD sounds like a good reason.
  • Dear all,
    I just received an email from my attorney telling that my PERM has been certified.What a relief!!!
    So does it mean, work is being done but data is not released ???I would be more confident after I see my application at
  • Leo what is your PD ?? Mine in Nov 20 2014, not sure if it is certified
  • Hi ssajjan,
    My application A-14269-xxxxx ( not writing in full as haven't received official certification yet) but my PERM was filed on Dec 1,2014.I hav eseen many case approved from Nov 20,2014 but you still have few more weeks to go if its not done yet.
  • Hi Leo12, Was this approved last week? If at all, then there could be some technical issue, else per dolstats statistics PERMs until 12/12 have been approved in the past.
  • Arent the PERMs numbered A- ?
  • Hi Bayareapro;
    I couldn't find my application as certified at dolstats.As of now it shows 0 search result.My attorney emailed me yesterday telling that he has received an email from DOL confirming certification of my PERM.I am really confused what to do as I heard that all the certified applications should appear here at otherwise there may be some issue with it.
  • Arent the PERMS numbered ina particular format ? A-"year filed""dayof the year" ?
  • Do you think, I think need to do something e.g call DOL???I know, in previous discussions, admin & Lanugo has helped to clarify in such cases.
  • Yes-Mine starts with A-14269-xxxxx..which shows that draft was created on 9/26/ 2014
  • Leo12, I thought it was based on the priority date that one has. And in your case its Dec 2014. No idea if you should call DOL to check your status. I dont see a harm though.
  • I got a notification from my employer today saying PERM certified this week, looks like dolstats is not getting updated for some technical reason . my priority data is November 21.
  • My i-94 has incorrect name, should I need to correct before applying for i-140 ?? Any suggestion
  • Hi ssajjan,
    Many congrats!!!
    I am now more reassured that my application is certified after your's reported by your attorney as I got the news via same channel.No Data release is making life tough as you want be sure.
  • any update on statistics ? or any reason for no data available on any of the websites ?
  • Any idea when the data will be available back again? Also they're processing small number of PERMs everyday and having the dates going forth and back. What's going on exactly?
  • No idea, whats going on...I was not comfortable asking my attorney to forward me the PERM approval email notification.Still keep checking every day here for data update!!!
  • edited June 2015
    Looks like stats are back. @Admin We are seeing the stats only for 06/17. Stats from 06/09 to 06/15 are missing. Can you kindly fix this..?
  • From the DOL website, 1720 applications were processed in between 06/09 to 06/16.
  • Thank God the stats are up.
  • Thank you @admin for updating
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