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DOL Registry Data

My PERM was shown as CERTIFIED on 05/22. It is appearing in, but it disappeared from DOL registry on 05/29. Anybody experiencing the same issue ?


  • It's not a good sign, unfortunately. But I guess it's just a glitch.
    Anyway, try to talk with your attorney first (typically they have all information about your case - email updates and direct access to iCert system), then try to check direct link to the certificate body (see case profile page).
  • I have a similar case, my PERM was shown as certified on 05/21, it is still showing as certified on but when I click on case number it doesn't show all the details. Also it is not appearing on icert website now, and I can see that all the certified cases on 05/21 & 05/22 for my employer only do not exist anymore as certified, can status of certified labor change or go in audit?
  • Can you PM me your case number or mail to
  • Right now your case page is empty, it's true. It might be a glitch or something is wrong with your case. You should contact your attorneys about that situation. They should have an access to iCert registry and will tell you what is your case status exactly. Anyway if your case was approved, you have to sign the application to push it further.

    ps: dolstats doesn't remove cases if they were removed by iCert, but if case appears in reject state in the digest it will be shown as rejected.
  • Thanks for all your help. Attorney received my approved PERM in mail yesterday.
  • Congrats! Good luck with your GC process.
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