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Social Security Number after I485

Hi all,

The attorney is going to file I485 for me and my husband this week. How long will my husband will receive his work permit/ SSN? IS it really from 90 to 120 days? Then when the actual green card might come in?




  • edited January 2015
    Your husband will be able to apply for SSN only after EAD approval. It's a separate form and a separate request and yes, it takes typically 2-3 months to receive the decision.
    You can check current processing times for USCIS documents here:
  • Just a note, green card processing times don't seem to match what egov is showing at least for the Nebraska center. They are more like 5-6 months, apparently.
  • This is a decent website to plot how long it has taken a service center to process a given ^ of cases in the last few months:
  • My attorney filed both I140 and I485 on Jan 28. When should I expect to receive the filing receipt?
  • In my case it took about a week - week and a half. I've heard it can be slower, though. If the I-140 was filed with premium process it's possible you'll get it approved before you get the receipt.
  • Thanks. Also can you tell me what I should expect to receive ( like receipt, notice, etc) after these forms filed?
  • You're getting a I797C (I believe) with clearly state on top 'the form doesn't confer any immigration or employment privileges', it's just a receipt. You're getting one for your I-485, I-131 and I-765 (if you filed them of course) but not I-140 (which is filed by your employer). On it you can find your receipt date, case number, etc, and instructions on what will happen next (which are a bit generic and boilerplate, but still). Then it's all about waiting.

    You can then go on and figure out what your current status is. The links that were already posted give you mostly up-to-date and reliable information.
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